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 The Constitution of Eire Aonair

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Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman

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The Constitution of Eire Aonair Empty
PostSubject: The Constitution of Eire Aonair   The Constitution of Eire Aonair EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 8:05 pm

[1.0] The following document outlines the founding principles, stances, and operations of Eire Aonair. This document is not designed to be amended although it can be added to if additions do not contradict the original messages.

[1.1] The basic values of Eire Aonair are as follows:

1. Community
2. Individual Responsibility
3. Fair Play/Respect
4. Principles Over Politics

A Party for Ireland

[2.1] Eire Aonair’s purpose is to serve eIreland by creating a united and diverse community. It is here to ensure a sovereign eIreland, with a free government of citizens loyal in their operations first and foremost to eIreland.

Independent Thought

[3.1] Eire Aonair supports free speech and welcomes all points of view. It promotes open mindedness and willingness to consider all views rationally and with due respect.

[3.2] Eire Aonair encourages the practice of providing well supported arguments and asking the public to think for themselves and come to a fair conclusion. In favour of this method of honest public discussion, Eire Aonair looks to minimize partisan politics and propaganda techniques.

[3.3] Although Eire Aonair is not technically an independent party, at heart it should always support the virtues of free thought. Eire Aonair is willing to use its name to support ideas and messages that it believes in, but will always allow the alternative views of its members to be heard and encouraged. Eire Aonair should refuse to deny eIreland the benefit of diverse views and opinions.

[3.4] Members of Eire Aonair are encouraged to express their own truest beliefs and values through their politics. Whether they are running for office, or exercising their right to vote they should always share their ideas regardless of partisan politics.

[3.5] When voting, members of Eire Aonair are encouraged to choose their candidate based on the individual merit of a person, rather than on parties alone.

The Values Concept

[4.1] Eire Aonair was founded with the purpose of creating a party that stood for adherence to values rather than to political views. The idea is that people of opposite ideological views, can cooperate under a common character of underlying values.

[4.2] Eire Aonair members should possess an understanding and desire to embody values such as the following: honesty, integrity, consideration, hard work, rational thought, fair play, accountability, open mindedness, and respect. Eire Aonair holds these values in high esteem.

[4.3] Members may choose to represent the above values through various ideologies or views on various issues. They should also represent these values in the pursuit of their goals.

[4.4] While Eire Aonair believes that individuals should never vote on party alone, Eire Aonair would encourage that voters consider the values that a candidate endorses by being a member of Eire Aonair.

Personal Responsibility

[5.1] Players of eRepublik, as components of a larger community, have the option to take on certain responsibilities. Positions where a player takes on a certain responsibility range from being a worker in a company, to being a voter, to holding a position in government or an independent organization.

[5.11] The responsibilities of an individual are largely at the discretion of an individual given a situation. The following sections (5.2-5.9) are intended as strong guide lines rather than rules.

[5.2] Owners of companies have a responsibility to pay their workers fair wages, and to provide their customers with well priced goods.

[5.3] Voters have a responsibility to inform themselves about candidates and to vote in the best interest of a sovereign eIreland.

[5.4] Party Presidents have a responsibility to represent their party members and to provide an open and encouraging atmosphere for discussion. They have a responsibility to advertise their party and gain members honestly.

[5.5] Dail/Congress Members have a responsibility to be informed about eIreland and to be informed about the issues that they will propose and vote on during their term. They have a responsibility to observe the rules of the Dail, to take part in discussion, to be active, and to take into account all the views and all of the information presented to them. They also have a responsibility to seek out and investigate information related to their job as a Dail member.

[5.6] Members of government Cabinet have a responsibility to perform their given job to the best of their ability, to be accountable, to be available and active, and to delegate and include the community in their efforts, taking into consideration any valid input from the community.

[5.7] The Country President has the responsibility to exercise all powers in a way that serves eIreland. They have a responsibility to represent and serve the people of Ireland, and to form a cabinet capable of the same function. They must cooperate with the Dail and with the citizens and organizations of the nation. They must also be active, accountable, informed, open minded, and involved in discussions about the nation through all methods at their disposal.

[5.8] Members of private and independent organizations have a responsibility to ensure that their actions do not serve to harm eIreland. If they are in an administrative or leadership role, or if they are just a member, the same responsibility applies.

[5.81] Eire Aonair members who are involved in such groups would ideally bring the same values and principles to these organizations as they would represent elsewhere.

A Balance of Life

[6.1] Eire Aonair members should respect a gamers need to lead a real life. Although players of eRepublik take on certain responsibilities, these commitments are to be ultimately over ruled by matters of real life.

[6.2] No individual should be punished for neglecting the game in favour of real life concerns. Addressing matters of real life should never lose anyone respect from their fellow party members and players.

[6.21] Where an individual becomes absent from a position of importance, it may become necessary to relieve them of their responsibilities and assign a replacement. This should not be done as a form of reprimand, but in order to ensure the optimum operation of the nation, company, or organization.

[6.22] Individuals are encouraged to take on reasonable amounts of responsibility and to plan ahead in order to avoid failing to meet required duties. Poor circumstances should be avoided where possible though in many cases real life can be unpredictable, which should be respected and understood.


[7.1] Eire Aonair is not associated with any religion. It is officially a secular party.

[7.2] As in any other case, members of Eire Aonair are free to express or believe whatever they want.

[7.3] In principle Eire Aonair is against religious involvement in government.

Determining Party Stance

[8.0] The development of Eire Aonair’s party stances on various issues takes place through discussion amongst members. If a rational stance can be produced it may be adopted.

[8.1] All party stances must adhere to the fundamental principles of the party outlined in this document.

[8.2] All party stances are flexible and subject to change as the game transforms and new information becomes available.

[8.21] A stance here refers to the party’s position on a current issue. The matters discussed in this document are not flexible except where indicated.

Yours Truly,
Ian E Coleman

Founder of Eire Aonair
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The Constitution of Eire Aonair
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