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 Eire Aonair's Stance on External Candidacies

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Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman

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Eire Aonair's Stance on External Candidacies  Empty
PostSubject: Eire Aonair's Stance on External Candidacies    Eire Aonair's Stance on External Candidacies  EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 6:11 pm

Party Policy on External Candidacies
Eire Aonair

Introductory note
The aim of this policy is to provide Eire Aonair an instrument that will grant a greater in-game democracy, according with the Principles contained in Eire Aonair’s Constitution [http://eireaonair.forumotion.com/t78-the-constitution-of-eire-aonair] and in the party’s Stance on Democratic Practices [http://eireaonair.forumotion.com/t221-eire-aonair-s-stance-on-democratic-practices].
It is clear that, whatever this document states, all Eire Aonair members, as members of a free-thinkers organization, MUST feel free to express their opinion even voting/supporting on their own candidates not connected with the Party.

1.About Political Alliances
Using the expression “Political Alliance” we mean an agreement, whether written or not, made between two or more political parties. Sharing candidates, promoting (through any mean of communicatione –e.g. articles, forum topics, thread shouts, etc…) other parties propaganda, avoiding running in an election to help other parties to have their candidates elected: this are few of the many kinds of political alliance we can find in eRepublik.
Often alliances (especially those created for the sole purpose of a victory in the ballot box) are a political trick of cooperation between parties having no common aims. This kind of alliances spoil the meaning of elections, the most important moment in our eLife. For this reason, Eire Aonair has to enforce the present policy about the practice of hosting candidates.

2.External candidacies during Congress Election

2,1.General statement about Congress Election shared candidacies
Even if recently a lack of activity and roleplay has been found in the Congress, it remains the main institution serving the country.
Due to in-game mechanisms, political alliances are often created during Congress Election to allow smaller parties to go beyond the “TOP 5 Parties” threshold. Eire Aonair, during his life as a small political organization, has experienced the need of alliances to get members elected.
Nowadays, having EA grown to the dimension of a major political force, we recognize the need to avoid the overcrowding of the congress with many, small political groups for the sake of political coordination and cooperation between institutions and political groups.
EA has shown during his experience the will of building big communities who could better represent the instances of Irishmen, by re-founding the party itself through the merging with Saoirse.
Starting from his experiences, EA should encourage the merging of political groups sharing common ideas, not only for the purpose of election. Helping similar parties to create bigger parties by merging is a strong defense against proliferation of many, small political groups in the Dail.

2,2.Rules and Procedures for establishing a political Alliance
Despite what stated before, we believe that as much ideologies as possible should be represented in the Dail for the development of a better democracy. Our constitution, in the spirit of “Principles over politics” states that “Eire Aonair’s purpose is to serve eIreland by creating a united and diverse community. It is here to ensure a sovereign eIreland, with a free government of citizens loyal in their operations first and foremost to eIreland.” (see constitution of EA, point 2.1)
For this reasons Eire Aonair allow a maximum of two members from other parties to join temporarily EA and be appointed by the Party President as candidates, in case there is no chance for them and their ideas to reach the Dail.

The decision to host one or more candidate should be taken after taking into account:

1. Political situation of the Country;
2. Issues concerning EA (activity of the members/party organizations, position in the national parties ranking, availability of EA candidates, etc…);
3. Policies brought forward by EA;
4. Policies brought forward by the applying candidates and their parties;
5. Any other issue considered of importance.

Polls can be established in the Forum to accept or refuse alliances as a whole or single candidacies.
No external candidate can occupy a top 5 position in the priority list. Positions in the list will be assigned by the leadership board (formed by Party President, Deputy President, Counselor, Secretary General and Spokeperson) on a meritocratic base.
The board will be considering:

I. Political/eProfessional skills of the applicant;
II. Previous congress experience;
III. Availability of the applicant to cooperate with EA policies, during present and past terms;
IV. Any other relevant factor.
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Eire Aonair's Stance on External Candidacies
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