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 Why Join E.A.M.U.?

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Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman

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Why Join E.A.M.U.? Empty
PostSubject: Why Join E.A.M.U.?   Why Join E.A.M.U.? EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 3:50 am

Welcome to the official recruitment office of EAMU. Before we go any farther toward making you a soldier of Eire Aonair's Military Unit, let's get you better acquainted with the operations and characteristics of EAMU.


Main Features

  • Our primary mission is to protect eIreland's regions
  • We have a well rounded command structure where the Ministry of Defence has the first command priority
  • Our unit Commander is democratically appointed and is tasked with managing independent affairs and organizing special missions
  • The Party President of Eire Aonair acts as a constitutional safe guard to ensure orderly operations
  • Our soldiers have the freedom to self supply or to work in the commune of their choice
  • EAMU puts an emphasis on cooperating with other allied military units domestically and internationally
  • Help build a tight woven community of sharing information, tips, and ideas

Command Structure
EAMU distributes command authority to three main entities: The Ministry of Defence, The Chief Command Officer of EAMU, and the Party President of Eire Aonair.

From the Ministry of Defence we carry out all battle orders that have been labelled important or critical. EAMU makes a point of serving the Ministry of Defence and the President of Ireland to the best of its ability in order to sustain a continuity between the operations of military units under the highest authority in the land.

From the Chief Command Officer we receive special missions, and orders during the time between important Ministry of Defence orders. Although EAMU generally continues to follow Ministry of Defence orders regardless of their labelled importance, the Chief Command Officer is also responsible to command the unit and produce orders during times when the Ministry of Defence has not published important or critical battle orders.

The Party President of Eire Aonair has a minimal role in the command of EAMU. Their roll is simply to keep an eye on the unit and ensure that the operations and behaviour is consistent with our military unit's constitution. Matters such as equality, ethical standards, and the prevention of internal corruption are the key concerns of the position. On top of this however, in emergencies the Party President can veto the orders of the Ministry of Defence in the best interest of the nation of eIreland.

Soldiers in EAMU are not required to be members of Eire Aonair. Any current eIrish citizen is eligible for membership at the fair discretion of the units Chief Command Officer. The constitution prevents all forms of unprofessional discrimination.

Members of EAMU should read and understand the units constitution, their rights as members, and the protocols and operations. (PLEASE READ: EAMU's Constitution)

Soldiers in EAMU are encouraged to display their individual EAMU uniform avatar. conformity is not enforced or mandatory but by wearing the uniform soldiers increase the profile and image of both EAMU and more importantly eIreland.(CHECK OUT OUR UNIFORM: EAMU's Official Uniform Template)

EAMU also encourages unique uniforms in order to make it easier to identify members of the community for practical, political, or communication purposes.

EAMU does not require participation in any commune system. Our command staff may recommend a reputable commune, but soldiers are given the freedom and responsibility to self supply.

What Is EAMU's Future?

We hope to develop an optional commune system based on the EA Test Run Company that showed large improvements in commune efficiency. This commune would be open to everyone but would be geared toward supplying high quality weapons.

We would like to set up a performance tracking log similar to the great work of Libertad in order to better understand how well we are doing as individuals and as a unit.

In the future we may develop systems to encourage growth and retainment of new players/soldiers in order to grow eIreland and improve the quality of the game for new players.
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Why Join E.A.M.U.?
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